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I'm back

April 6th, 2005 at 01:41 pm

Seems like it's been a while since I've even surfed here. So much stuff to do. I had my first formal Greek class last night. It wasn't too bad and I think I'll be fine. 7 weeks to go and tons to learn. Our teacher did mention that if there was interest, he would host a private class over the summer. Very cool.

Not so cool, my car's check engine light came on yesterday morning. I have no idea. It sounds fine, and I had the oil changed (not the filter though). I won't be able to get it in till Monday. But that's ok, I have off MOnday anyways. I'll use the nice rental for bumming around. I do have to head down to Springfield tomorrow for work, but my bf is letting me borrow his car with satellite radio!! Atleast it will be more enjoyable, than no radio stations and the same cds. Hopefully, with this nice weather though, his car won't overheat. Let me tell you, that feature is great in the winter, crappy in the summer.

Oh and the plumbing is fixed. It took quite a few tries, but now I can hose off my patio, without hosing off my wall and carpet as well. I only had to take my dad out for beer and an appetizer. I definitely had the better deal, but he did enjoy the microbrewery.

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