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A new doorbell and a glass table

May 11th, 2005 at 08:58 am

I was finishing up some maintenance last night and successfully installed a new doorbell. The old one was yellowed and painted and just ugly. So I shelled $4.26 (w/tax) for a new one. Not bad for a nice white one to go with my new patio door.

I've been really good on spending lately. I think it helps that I haven't gone grocery shopping for about 3 weeks. I do really need to go. Also, I've seen my parents a lot, and they've paid for some things. I did have pay $29+ for a tank of gas at $2.21. Granted that's the cheapest I've seen, but wow, expensive. I'm so glad I don't drive much. Other than that I believe spending is way down. I'll probably make up for it towards the end of the month. My BF and I are going to a bodybuilding show about 2 hours away. He's competing so we'll probably be down there 2 nights. The following weekend I have a bachellorette party to go to. Maybe another $100 or so.

Now for the table. Last year my neighbors bought a glass table and it lasted for a while. A storm came along and it tipped and shattered. They bought another one right away. About a week later, a second storm tipped it and it shattered. They waited a month or so (probably insurance reasons) and bought a third glass topped table. This one lasted less than a week. The winter came and went, and a new glass table showed up yesterday. This morning there was a severe storm. They left the umbrella in the table like they did all of last year too. Well needless to say, the table tipped and the glass shattered. You would have thought they would have learned after the second one. The should just spend the extra $50-$100 and get a metal or plastic or marble or wood table. Issue solved. Their plastic chairs were blowing all over the place too. My patio, which is about 5 feet away, has an old wicker chair and a small side glass table. Both were still standing when I left for work this morning.

OOoh I have some other good news. I've been selling many CDs on Amazon. It's a really good market. Well I made about 30 a few weeks ago and I should be making almost $50 when it gets deposited into my account!!! That'll be my hotel money.

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