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Bodybuilding Novice

May 23rd, 2005 at 09:42 am

OOoh it was a long weekend. My boyfriend had body building contest in Peoria - about 2 hours away. So we drove down Friday and stayed all day Saturday and left Sunday. It was a long time. But some great news!!! He placed first out of 14 novice. He got a nice trophy. Then he did the lightweights and he came in second!!! Another trophy!!! I'm so proud. He worked his butt off, not to mention his arms, chest, back, abs, and legs. He was one of the best looking people out there for sure. His mother and sister came in for the morning show, so I had some company. It was just so exciting to see him. I hope he never does it again. Smile I'm pretty sure he will not. It was too much of a pain dieting and focus. He just wanted to be able to say, I did that and I got a trophy...in his case TWO!!! Now he can focus to other things. That also means that we can go out to eat again. It was by no means cheaper eating in, when all he was eating was salmon and chicken breasts. Besides we have some great buy one get one coupons we've been saving for when he got done.

Total spending on my end for his trip: $20 I bought dinner. Otherwise, he paid for the hotels and brought food. He said he owed that to me for putting up with his show. Isn't that sweet?

Then Sunday we drove back to his house and then into Chicago. He had tickets to the Cubs vs. White Sox game. He dropped me off a friend's house. We walked all over the North side of Chicago. Well maybe only a mile or so. I did buy lunch and a drink $10. We did some shopping, but nothing looked interesting to me. Probably a good thing. We walked to Wrigley and then I got a ride home. Cubs 4 White Sox 3.

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