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Busy Busy Busy

June 17th, 2005 at 08:42 am

It's been a crazy week. I've just been running all over the place. I figured that I've spent 15 hours in my house since Sunday afternoon, including sleeping. Granted, I've slept at the bf's house, but still. Tonight will be at my place. One thing nice though. The weather has been much cooler. Smile Yay! I've had the windows open this entire week. I did get my electric bill and only $23. I don't think that included the AC last week.

Yesterday I drove down to Springfield, IL for work. I ended up renting a car. I've figured that I make out better renting a car and buying gas than if I were to take my own car down. My mom went down with me too, and we went to the new Lincoln Museum. That was really neat. It was well worth the $7.50 a person. It was nice to have company for the 6 hours of driving.

Greek classes are going good. I'm learning tons. I ended up taking 2 for about 5 weeks and then 1 for 5 more weeks. Speaking of which, I need to register.

Oh and I did some shopping too. I bought a new blender, 3 work shirts, and a pair of shoes. I got some really good deals on them too. That's been the extents of my shopping. Oh I take that back. I'm heading up to Milwaukee tomorrow. My friend wanted me to go with for a hair cut. So that total price tag will include, lunch, haircut, and maybe a festival. I'm not totally sure on the details yet. Overall it's been an expensive week, since I don't do that much shopping anymore.

I did get reimbursed from my last trip to Springfield though. A nice $160 check. I will be getting another check in 2 weeks for about $180 (from the trip yesterday).

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