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BBQ Time

July 18th, 2005 at 08:15 am

Saturday, we had a BBQ at my BF house for about 20 people. It was super hot, as usual, but it went over really well. There were 30 burger, 15 beer brats, sauerkraut, a 3 ft. sub, 2 bags of salads,6 lbs. meatballs, 2 trays of spanakopita (spinach puffs), 1 tray of cheese puffs, 4 bags of chips and a tray of cheese and crackers. Plus plenty of liquids. Obviously we had way too much food. Before we started eating he was thinking of buying pizza too! He's got the Greek ingrained - Must feed everyone 5 times. It was so good though. I think his grocery bill was about $200. But the leftovers will definately feed us both this entire week.

My spending has been going well. It stinks. It seems like every month I will actually be saving more money than usual and then something big comes up. Just like this month, I spent just over $550 for my house insurance and car insurance. Last month, $400, I bought a museum membership and went to school. May, I made a large donation. Next month, $1400 property taxes. I'm so hoping September will be a cheap month. Cross my fingers.

1 Responses to “BBQ Time”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ha! My husband's Italian and exactly the same way. I've been married 10 years and am still not used to it! We could feed an army anytime another couple comes over...

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