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Spending Spree

July 27th, 2005 at 07:14 am

This past weekend was a bit expensive. I went to the fabulous overprice shopping center (Oakbrook for all the Chicagoans.) When there's an outdoor mall in Chicago, you know something's up. But I actually didn't find anything other than a very reasonable priced ($10) shirt. My mom found Naturalizer shoes for $15 (going out of business, not chic enough) and a nice purse (Sears). I even had two coupons for free keychains at Bloomingdale's (hehe not going to shop there. But if anyone wants a 15% off coupon for furniture let me know.) We were pretty cheap there. I really should have had my mom come visit me and go to Marshall's. I found 2 shirts ($13 & $15), a pair of socks ($3), a small purse ($5), and a backpack ($14). Ahhh I love off name brands and discount stores. I think it came out to $57 with taxes.

Hmmm Saturday was ok. We went to visit some relatives and stopped at the mall for a last minute birthday gift. well I ended up seeing a few shirts I liked and a pair of shoes. Well JCPenney had a nice spend $50 get $10 off coupon that we could use over and over. So we saved $10 on the gift. $10 on my clothes. $10 on his shoes. $10 on his shirts (the last two were purchased separately). Thank you coupon in the Friday paper. Aktion033

That could be my $20 to $5000 challenge. Use my newspaper subscription to make money (stay in my pocket).
I'll have to think about that. I did just save about $80 a week ago. So I guess that's about $120.

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