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Saving up

August 13th, 2005 at 09:04 pm

It's been an expensive summer so far and I really need to cut back. I've had two weddings. Property taxes and 1 coming up. A new bicycle. Going out with friends. I need to cut back. My new goal through the rest of the year (and hopefully beyond) is to cut my expenses to under $1000 a month. This is everything but my mortgage and Roth. Please comment if you see anything. So here are my bills per month that will not change much:
Student loan: $90
Parent loan: $150
Electric: ~$30
Gas: ~$30
Association Assessment: $124
Cell: $47
Satellite: $27

$500 That's reasonable I think. I will definitely try to keep them down, but I'm not going to sacrifice my quality of living for it. No ramen!

1 Responses to “Saving up”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Cell & satellite - $74, which is about 15% of $498. I know you're probably under contract and its probably going to be more expensive to break the contracts than what you save ... but to the true frugal person, those are completely discretionary. Might want to figure out what you can do to lower your utilities - they look pretty low right now. Student loans consolidated? Parent loans renegotiated? Finally, while the Roth is important, its after tax dollars and you might want to think about lowering your contributions.

    Not talking about eliminating, just shaving bits from a number of spots to free up money to save.

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