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Another day

April 25th, 2005 at 10:53 pm

Wow, it's been a while. I could have swore I left an entry a last week. Oh well. My vacation was great. I had a lot of fun and relaxed quite a bit. I spent a bit over my budget, but that also included some airport food and such frivilous things. On my return trip, I stopped at the grocery store the day before and stocked up on food for the day. I spent under $10 and had food for the whole day and beyond.

Oooh I've sold a few more things on Amazon. A book just sold and two CDs. That should bring in just over $25. Not bad for cleaning out my book shelves. I actually got the CD idea from my friend in MT. I also used leftover bubble wrap and paper bags to mail it in. Then I save over $2 on shipping! I'm making out good!

Oo, what a surprise I need to run and catch my train ride home.

Almost vacation time!!!

April 14th, 2005 at 08:52 pm

Today at 4pm is going to be vacation!!! This'll be fun. I'm heading to Montana on my $10 ticket! (See 3/8) But before I can leave, I've got to go buy a gift. I haven't quite decided what I was going to get yet. My friend is kind of quirky, so definatly something unique. I'm going to stop and do that downtown Chicago. Too bad the taxes are higher, but the selection is better. I'm going to hit the discount places too.

Hmmm Other than today, spending has been down. I did have to buy gas 3 times last week Thursday. I took a trip to Springfield for work again, and borrowed my BFs car. The thing over heats too. It was a long drive. I did manage to get some overtime from it, and I'll have a decent reimbursement check from it too. THat'll essentially cover my friend's gift.

One crappy thing did happen though. Two checks were overdrawn!!! It was totally my fault (i forgot to record a withdrawl), but it could have been only 1 depending on the order it was withdrawn. So that's $60 gone. It's the 3rd time ever that's happened, so not worth the yearly fee. I then changed my direct deposit distribution so hopefully that won't happen again.

My goal for vacation to MT is to spend less than $200 while still having an awesome time! $200 is definately on the high side, but I plan on taking her out to eat and buying some souviners. I'll probably spend quite a bit less though.

I'm back

April 6th, 2005 at 08:41 pm

Seems like it's been a while since I've even surfed here. So much stuff to do. I had my first formal Greek class last night. It wasn't too bad and I think I'll be fine. 7 weeks to go and tons to learn. Our teacher did mention that if there was interest, he would host a private class over the summer. Very cool.

Not so cool, my car's check engine light came on yesterday morning. I have no idea. It sounds fine, and I had the oil changed (not the filter though). I won't be able to get it in till Monday. But that's ok, I have off MOnday anyways. I'll use the nice rental for bumming around. I do have to head down to Springfield tomorrow for work, but my bf is letting me borrow his car with satellite radio!! Atleast it will be more enjoyable, than no radio stations and the same cds. Hopefully, with this nice weather though, his car won't overheat. Let me tell you, that feature is great in the winter, crappy in the summer.

Oh and the plumbing is fixed. It took quite a few tries, but now I can hose off my patio, without hosing off my wall and carpet as well. I only had to take my dad out for beer and an appetizer. I definitely had the better deal, but he did enjoy the microbrewery.


April 2nd, 2005 at 07:31 pm

I desparately had to do some grocery shopping last night. I haven't shopped for probably 2 weeks, and my fridge was pretty bare. The last few days have been pasta. Luckily for work, I've had lunch paid the last 3 days. So I had a very full cart. I did manage to save $28+ on coupons and in-store ads. All that stuff should last me another 2 weeks.

Tonigth we're going to a bodybuilding competition. My bf is really dedicated and wants to see on in action. It ought to be interesting for sure