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Cheap hands on weekend

February 6th, 2006 at 10:24 pm

It was an easy weekend for me. We helped install 5 outlets in my bf's cousin's basement. Conduit and all...Romex isn't allowed by code. They bought us lunch and dinner that day.

Sunday lunch was paid for by his parents. We were snowed in...just a bit slippery to drive home. They bought us lunch on Sunday.

The only money I spend was on some clothes during the superbowl. I really didn't care enough to watch and I knew the stores would be empty. I found two cute shirts (bogo from Kohls) and then a skirt, bra and jewelry from the cheap (semi-trashy) store.

I even did a pinecone survey so I figure once I get the check, my shopping spree will be about $40.

Our Sunday dinner was 2 frozen pizzas with fresh cheese. Very tasty actually. There was just enough to for lunch today.

Luckily a vendor is coming in tomorrow and we'll have a free lunch.

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