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Florida and 80s

February 22nd, 2006 at 05:49 pm

It's been busy for me. It also seems like I start off every entry that way. I manage to pop in, do a quick, boring update, and then pop out. It must be the engineer and technical writing..Must be concise, no fluff. That's tough one to over come.

On the side though, I've been working on two other blogs. They sort of happened before this new format happened, otherwise I might have just made them here. I may eventually cross it over, once I see more bells and whistles here (such as adding pictures, links, etc). But I've had as much trouble finding time for those as I have for this one... It's nothing personal...hehe for any loyal readers haha. That and I feel bad just relating the same information here and there and trying to retype or put a different slant on things.

Now for the quick in and out. I'm heading to Florida for a seminar tonight. The seminar's till Saturday and I'll be vacationing til Sunday and fly back and go straight to work. We (my bf and I) are visiting with a friend who's working down there for FEMA. So our lodging will be completely free and we'll only have to pay for food Saturday evening till Monday. This includes buying lunch on Monday since I won't be able to pack anything. It will be a nice vacation uh I mean work-related seminar. Friday afternoon, they're taking us on a boat ride through the everglades and then on Saturday it's deep see fishing. I've always wanted to do both and here's my chance.

Well like I said up top, I'm busy and back to work.

1 Responses to “Florida and 80s”

  1. jeffrey Says:

    you can add photos now, links are coming Smile

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